Moe Notsu

"I always wanted to be in art field, but I was afraid about the future. What if I can't find a job or what if I am not good at creating things ''

A natural born artist Moe Notsu won Pasadena chalk art competition first prize for two consecutive years. Pasadena Chalk festival is the largest street art festival in the world where more than 600 artists participate every year. If you are lucky enough to see these street murals from a bird eye view, it seemed like wonderland of creative minds. Moe was introduced to Chalk festival in 2009 by her friend who also participated as mural artist. She instantly fell in love with street painting. When I first came across Moe Notsu's chalk art of Albert Einstein's in 2012, it felt like Einstein was going to come out live and sticks his tongue out to cheer up the crowd.

Moe was born and raised in Shimane, Japan. She developed her interest in art early when she saw her grandfather's painting who was actually an accountant in a bank. After high school, she came to USA in 2007 to study in Communication. It did not take too long to switch her major to Graphic Design when she saw her friends were following their passion. Chalk art festival is the stepping stone to take her passion to the next level.

When we asked her which one is her favorite painting, she instantly answered in her soft Japanese accent “Painting with hands. My boyfriend Tetsuji Ueda and some best friends helped me to create that art work. It’s very special to me”. She likes to paint portrait and abstract subject. “I could combine every emotions and characters in abstract paint. "  Now she is working her way to have a solo exhibition in Los Angeles. 

Here are some of her artworks :


DSC_5032 copy.jpg
DSC_5154 copy.jpg
DSC_5105 copy.jpg
DSC_5000 copy.jpg